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The first time in the room I was able to take the knapsack, open the closet and play the HOG, move the picture, and open the curtain. Now I can only take a knapsack and play the closet HOG over and over and over again.

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I am up to 5 times now. The inventory updates each time but I don't think I need 5 crowbars and 5 amulets. I wonder if it is because I said I didn't want the tutorial. This looks like a game I would buy but not if I am going to be stuck in a loop forever. Purrplemickey Jellyfish 14 Posts. I have the same problem - seemingly an infinte loop of sorts. I did use the tutorial and found it no diferent than what SharonH50 reports. I have prgressed into another room only to be back in the first scene. Looks like QA ddin't quite get it right this time.

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GoddessofPain Seahorse 26 Posts. Same problem here, I finish the scene and then it loops right back into it. Katlee Squid 63 Posts. Seems Im having same problems as everyone else!!!!! Spent entire demo Colecting Bedroom items over and over I have 15 bags 10 crowbars Exagusting!!! Mushka Sea Anemone 2 Posts. Are the problems with this game going to be resolved, or do we get our money back? GrammyLori Sea Anemone 2 Posts.

I froze at the tree by the white horse and it was a match 3 game.

Read PDF The Immortal Game: Rise of the Water Bearer

Unable to do anything after that. I uninstalled and reinstalled this game. I cant find any herbs and I am completely stuck. Very unhappy and I have bought alot of games.

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Help please? I am also having trouble with this game. It came back to the first room with a map on the chair and click on the map and it keeps coming up. I cant get out of the map. I tried hint and it comes back up. I paid for the game and now I regret buying it. Hi Fishies, It looks like most of you are posting about what may be technical issues with this game. The best thing to do in that case is get in touch with our Tech Support team so they can work with you directly to troubleshoot the problem.

And if it is a bigger issue with the game itself, the information they can collect from you will really help us pinpoint where it's coming from and address it that much faster. You can contact them by clicking Contact Us to submit a support ticket via email. Also, we do have a specific thread here where we'd like to keep track of any tech issues that come up with this game. You're welcome to post over there about anything you're running into with the game. Thank you!

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Tavo Jellyfish 10 Posts. Tavo wrote: iam stuck after the the potion when i bring the mother back the hidden game how do i break the vase. Tavo wrote: Tavo wrote: iam stuck after the the potion when i bring the mother back the hidden game how do i break the vase. If "hammer" is crossed off of your hidden object list, then check your inventory click the bag on the right side of your hidden object list. If the hammer is not there, then you have hit that missing hammer glitch. Unfortunately, I can guarantee that the hammer glitch still happens even with the newest release. His role and nature in the first and second ages is unknown, but he must have witnessed most of the major events and battles.

He also witnessed the reducing of the great forests that covered all Middle-earth , and perhaps of his powers. The level of his interactions with the outside world is also unclear; however, he seemed to have a name among many people and perhaps became a folkloric figure in the traditions and legends of Elves , Dwarves and Men.

It is not known when Tom settled into his domain outside the Old Forest , but it is clear, by the time of the War of the Ring , that he has been there for quite some time. Farmer Maggot of Marish in the Eastfarthing and a few Bucklanders knew him and were friendly with him.

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  8. It was likely sometime in this period that he met the River-daughter, Goldberry , when she pulled Tom by his beard under the water-lilies out of mischief, but he ordered her to let him free. The next day he came to the River-woman and asked Goldberry to be his wife, and the creatures of the Old Forest the badger-folk and other animals attended their wedding.

    Frodo, who had fled from the tree looking for help, enlisted Bombadil, who had been out gathering water lilies. Bombadil went immediately with Frodo to the tree and commanded it to release its prisoners, Merry and Pippin , which it immediately did. He then invited Frodo and his companions to his home, where the Hobbits had an almost dreamlike stay, feasting and making merry with Tom. In this state, Frodo rather inadvertently told Tom all about the Ring and his quest, and when Tom asked to inspect the Ring, Frodo, without question and without any of the reluctance that tended to accompany giving the Ring to another, allowed him to.

    Tom then put the Ring on his finger, yet not only did he not disappear, but the Ring appeared to have no effect on him at all. After making the Ring itself vanish with a sleight-of-hand trick, he returned it to Frodo, who, slightly suspicious that it had not made Tom vanish, put it on to make sure it was the genuine Ring. Tom surprised him yet again by revealing that he could see Frodo even with the Ring on, and told Frodo to remove it, stating that his hand was fairer without it. After two days resting and feasting at Tom's home, the Hobbits set out again, only to be captured the next day by Wights on the Barrow-downs.

    Fortunately, Tom once again came to their rescue, dispersing the Wights and breaking open their tomb. The peril of the hobbits was not over; an attack on their lives was carried out, and their ponies were set loose. The ponies apparently remembered the care they were given in the house of Tom Bombadil, and returned to stay beside Tom's own pony, Fatty Lumpkin. Since he had paid eighteen pence as compensation for the loss, he was now the owner of five fine ponies. Over a month later, Tom became a topic of discussion at the Council of Elrond.

    the Water Pourer

    There, Elrond , who had apparently met Tom in times long past, reminisced about him briefly before the question was put before the Council of whether or not to give the Ring to Tom, as it appeared as though Tom may have had power over even the Ring within his lands. However, Gandalf quickly dismissed the idea, saying that rather than Tom having power over the Ring, the Ring simply had no power over Tom. He was immune to its influence, but he could not alter it.

    There is however evidence of Tom's ability to affect the rings power over others, [ citation needed ] as Frodo freely gave the ring to Tom without his usual hesitation or protective behaviors. Additionally, it was believed by Gandalf that while Tom might be willing to take the Ring if asked by all the Free People of the world, he might do so, but would not understand the reason. Due to this, Tom would have likely either forgot about it or thrown it away, as such things had little relevance to him.

    It was also mentioned that taking the Ring back to him would be impossible to accomplish without it becoming known to Sauron , and that sooner or later, Sauron would bend all his power towards Tom's realm to take the Ring back. Despite his mastery within his realm, it was assumed that Tom would not have cared or been able to keep the Ring contained to his realm.

    Four years after the One Ring was destroyed, Gandalf spent some time with Bombadil. It is unknown how the meeting involved or what was discussed. Gandalf remarked to the Hobbits that Bombadil would doubtless have little interest in the tales of their adventures, except perhaps their encounters with the Ents. His clothing consisted of a blue jacket and yellow boots, and he wore an old and battered hat, surmounted by a feather.

    He seems to have preferred to wear a swan-feather in his hat, but before he met Frodo and company on the banks of the Withywindle , he had acquired the feather of a kingfisher instead. In his own house, rather than a hat, he wore a crown of autumn leaves. In his preface to The Adventures of Tom Bombadil , Tolkien mentions that Tom's name is "Bucklandish in form," and suggests that it was given to him by the Hobbits of that region, as he has many other names. The resemblance of the -dil ending to the common Elvish n dil, "friend," may or may not be coincidental.

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    Despite seeming to be a rather whimsical and nonsensical being, he was well known to many powerful beings in Middle-earth, including Elrond and Gandalf, and he could be serious if the need arose.