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Now bend over. Fine, here.

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Besides, how else am I going to get out of debt? You need a shave. Not your face, the rest of your body. Besides, you'll get even bigger tips. Especially from me. These are all the possible styling options. Go get some panties! Maybe that will cheer me up. I'm serious. I want to see some tight boipussy in a pair of panties. Show me something Girly!

Sissy University - online chastity feminization game

Calm down. All they care about is seeing your bare ass. I hope this doesn't affect my earnings today. A little bit of dancing, a little bit of touching yourself. No need to rub my face it in. I hope that you'll put it towards your girly clothes fund but It's yours, use it for whatever. I don't care what's on them, but let me see that ass!

I like it. I like it alot, but it could be better you know. You want me to wear something else? As a matter of fact, I want to see you in a skirt.

Who is behind sissy hypno stuff and what is their actual goal?

Don't listen to him, it's not too late to turn back to the path of twinks. Head towards salvation, ignore this false god! What will it be? I'll do it. I wasn't expecting you to do it for free. I have the dough, so you're my ho. Aesthetically speaking.

I still prefer twinks though Double-click this passage to edit it. Hey, at least you're making money.

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You did it. Bend over and show me that smooth ass. I'll be your ho, if you got the dough. The transaction is pretty straightforward.

I'm not a sissy. But, I bet you will be if I give you enough money. The only thing that comes to mind when I hear that is "weak". Don't let him lead you astray from the path of twinks. Alright, fine. That's fair. A sissy?

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A sissy. That's essentially a crossdresser, but you know, the extra mile. You said crossdresser right? Why, you have a problem with that. On camera. Yeah, that's not happening. That's not likely. Five hundred dollars. This is This guy must be rich or something. The only question is, do I wear the clothes or do I take the money and run.

Show off that ass for me. I really appreciate it.

Why are you a cam-whore? It's complicated. But I owe a shit ton of money and I don't have an awful long time to get it. Well, at least they payed me. Let me see your ass. Ask away.

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What do you need me to do? Click this link. Oh, and make sure you pick a girly name, you'll get more viewers that way. It's clientele is a bit more specific. They pay. And they pay well, though you'll probably have to do a bit more to please them. Not everyone is as agreeable as I am. Just make sure you're wearing the proper clothing and the modeling button should switch over. It's great to see you here. I don't have any toys. I've already sent one to your address.