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Find like-minded people and join their community! Join an inventor's group! Be as helpful as you can.

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By helping others you build relationships. People like to work with people that are positive and enthusiastic. Be that kind of person! We are all students. Always be curious, never stop learning. No one knows it all. Things are constantly changing and you want to keep up with it!

1. Introduction

I never comment or react to quickly to anything. Well, I try not to And sometimes not saying anything says it all. Most successful people have worked extremely hard. Make a schedule, be determined and persistent. No one else is going to do the hard stuff for you. Things do take time. And make sure you have a target to hit each and every day. Everyone you meet along the way and that includes the gate keepers is extremely important to your success.

Treat everyone with respect. It takes quite a few people working together to help you succeed. You will fail over and over again. That's perfectly OK. Just keep moving in the right direction and learn from all your failures. Failures are not the problem; the problem is how you view them. Some ideas might make money.

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Many will not. Love the process of creating new products more than the money.

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This is a numbers game. Do I make the 2 last payments? I have all the documentation. Felt like I got used and out a great chunk of money.

Anything I can do? I have left a vm with Ms. I just signed a contract with IH two days ago and realize I should have done my homework in advance. This sucks. Sorry for your loss. If your spend any more you will be out thousands.

Highs and lows of securing patent protection for your invention

Instread of of couple of hundreds. Call the Oxman law firm. Tell them you want your money back. Invent Help new in advance that my idea was not original. Even so the agent that was setting things up for my file held papers from my attorney stating that I should not proceed with this idea.

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Therefore, I had to pay a large amount for research of patents that were already claimed. Inventhelp promoted my product without my approval and they then said they made up for it by listing it the next year. The damage was already done as they promoted my product that was not finalized. I also paid for the premium package and they never provided me the prototype offered.

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I need help with this matter. Can anyone help me? I can be reached at russo. My name is Ben Russo. Thank you. My experience with Invent help. Was exactly what happened. I contacted invent help, expressing a concept By way of using a cell phone as a car alarm system. After supposedly doing a world wide search.

Now today auto have cameras to assist drivers while in use of there vehicles. Hello, Thank God for everyone of you, except scotlyn.. I also was a victim back in My idea was espresso 4 babies which came to me in a dream back in It all checked out that it wasnt anywhere in the world.

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The confidentiality forms were signed by both parties and the following year my idea was on shelves in walmart target and many huge store chains. They told me it was a multi million dollar idea.

Patent in US for my invention a guideline on cost, procedure and timeline to get patent in US

Well it was i knew it would be. I never seen a dime of it!! Davidsons is the company i reached out too. They got me for 13, I would like to join this lawsuit as I want my money back. Got decieved into contract by Inventhelp. I could stop at anytime without obligation. After I fired them, I get calls from Universal loan threating my credit if I dont continue to pay. My credit was high , now low Because of Inventhelp I am now in the process of bankruptcy.

After my time of representation by InventHelp ran out I saw my invention on hgtv a few months later. Think I got hosed. Same with me. My invention is now being sold by a family out of NJ. They filed for the Patent just 1 year after I gave my idea to InventHelp. When I went to InventHelp, there was nothing like my product that existed anywhere. It looks almost identical to mine and they are advertising almost verbatim, with the medical research I had done.

If there is a connection, I want to find it so I can get their Patent revoked. Too bad the U.