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You overcome many difficulties and slowly approach the truth behind everything Over time, the distance between you and the man you choose draws closer What is the true identity of the person after your pendant!? What will be the outcome of your love!? His forte is detailed investigations and he is the most orthodox detective among those at the detective office. Apparently, he minds quite a bit that he has red hair.

He has a sharp tongue and a slightly pushy personality, but he is also actually very thoughtful and kind too! He used to be a cop, but he chose to resign and open up his own detective agency. You have known him since you were a child, and he is the person you trust the most. He is always cheerful, showing a tactless side at times, but he also has a surprisingly sensitive side to him too Things have gotten troublesome now.

Fateful Shadows

He is a member of your college's Mystery Research Club. Despite never normally attending classes, his grades are in the top percentile.

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He always seems to give off a listless and lazy attitude, but he is also the type who follows through with his own convictions. His tall and slender physique along with his wavy hair makes him distinctly unique.

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