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Phobias and Irrational Fears

Have you guys tried CBD? I used to have the same problems being fearful and having panic attacks while driving. Now I feel calm, i no longer get the fear and panic attacks like i used to while driving. It's amazing stuff imo. What brand do you use, how many mg do you take, and do you only take it before you drive, or do you take it daily?

Please let us know what CBD oil you use, amount and where to get it.

Overcoming Fears, Phobias and Panic Attacks

There are so many different companies who sell it. You never know what your getting is authentic or not. This is the ADAA team here. I was cut off by a truck on the hwy and since have struggled.

Phobias | Mental Health America

I use to drive everywhere without any fear and like others said one panic incident and it changes your life. No one gets it. Just get back on the highway like riding a bike. Welcome the anxiety as its coming on Also, focus on really living in the moment. Living in the past and future is what gets those what if loops going in your head. You are so correct and it works, I was told this by a consultant when I was working as a nurse never thinking that one day out of the blue it would happen to me,panic attacks can not happen at all if your muscles are relaxed as it is impossible,next as you said go with the flow I just say to myself ok come on then and believe me it will not happen,your comment is the best I have read as it really works every time.

Anxiety with driving began 15 years ago. I truly want my life back.

How to Control Anxiety Disorder

I recently got in a small fender bender that was my fault. Sucks, stupid FL drivers I feel the need to put the car in park while at a red light in fear of slipping again. I feel your situation and understand unfortunately how you feel. Guess its at least nice to know im not alone:. I understand how a driving g incident can make you nervous for future driving. I am nervous about after getting a ticket for passing a bus with flashing red lights and supposedly me and 5 others did it Gave me a ticket.

Long story short I would never pass a bus stopped never one with flashing g red lights. And how could 6 drivers all do the same thing? Perhaps fr where the officer was it appeared that way.

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He did the favor. Now I have extreme anxiety everytime I suppose to drive thru that town. I am over the top with anxiety. What it's I try to do it afraid..

Its overflowing g into me being nervous to driving period. I hate this. Gods word tells us that fear is a liar. This kind anyway. I am looking for an online support group free where ppl that understand and still push past it encouraging one another. But so far no luck. It's horrible and I'm glad I read this and someone else can relate. I used to drive long distances, no problem. Also, driving 45 minutes to see friends or kids was a habitual thing. Now, I dislike driving together. I tell myself that it's because I've driven everywhere all my life, but now it's to a point it has become debilitating.

I have anxiety disorder and MDD, but never had it for driving. I just have terrible,terrible anxiety. I feel so dizzy and my eye sockets hurt. I try to focus on the road as much as I can and do all these things at the same time, but I forget to some things and it gives me more anxiety. I feel like I would repulsively do something crazy like drive super fast and purposely crash I am still shaking and very anxious.

It's out mind that needs supervision not us. Our mind is running crazy, it's like having pets who are getting out of the cage and doing whatever they want to do.

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It is our responsibility to get things into their place. Yes, easier said than done, but, there is hope. First step, we gotta stop thinking big picture from this point of space and moment in time. What we need to is, take one step at a time and it means, thinking about it from day to day. Don't think what could happen in the future, just today. Ask yourself, what can I do today to feel just a little better about my driving? So far, I have driven pretty good. Maybe I had some faults, but that's okay, we all learn on our mistakes, it's okay, we are allowed to make mistakes, it's how we learn, it's part of the process.

The most important step for taming the mind is meditation. It is how we get into control of our mind instead our mind rushing around without our consent. It takes time, but remember, step by step. Do relaxing meditation and when you feel absolutely relaxed bring into your mind picture of finished act. Imagine yourself getting out of the car happy, peacefully, feel content, feel proud of yourself, c'mon you know how it feels, be proud of yourself, stick to that feeling, feel in peace, look at your car how nice and shiny it is.

Hear slamming of the doors, hear clicking of the keys, feel fresh wind and warm sun as you step out of the car, feel how the air feels so liberating and refreshing. Look at your car again, be proud how you did it, agin, for the thousandth time, smile, yes, smile to yourself, do it now in the meditation, oh!

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    8. You are free, you feel free, it's so so liberating. Stil smiling? Smile again, look at your reflection, see how beautiful and happy you look, it's how you feel inside, too! You are looking at the victor, you are the winner, you are the conqueror, you did it, yes, you! You are strong, you are powerful! Breath in again, breath this fresh air! Look at that car. You have the power, feel that. It's such a wonderful invention! And you are the one who is driving it.

      You are wonderful driver, you always arrive everywhere safely. You know all the rules, you are confident, just look at your reflection, look how you're standing tall. That's you! You are the great driver, you are the safe driver. Now take a long breath in and breath out and feel free, feel proud, feel happy, feel confident, feel relaxed. Feel holding your car keys in your hand relaxed. Yes, you did it. Okay, this is one example how you could tailor your wished goal, how you can feel the reality of it.

      If you do this every night, no exception, just for two months, before going to sleep, I would love to hear from you again and probably drive with you if you were closer to me I'm in Europe so I'm assuming you're in the USA.