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Then she said to me "I think I'd like a divorce, I think I've had enough" I said "honey I wasn't planning on spending quite that much" Well it's cheaper to keep her Than it is to let her go Just can't seem to say goodbye to half of everything I own Well I am damned if I do, and I'm damned if I dont Well it's cheaper to keep her than it is to let her go She handed me some papers That she wanted me to sign She pulled out a pen and pointed at that dotted line Its not the thought of losing her That really braks my heart You see I'm in love with all my stuff and thats the hardest part Well it's cheaper to keep her Than it is to let her go Just can't seem to say goodbye to half of everything I own Well I am damned if I do, and I'm damned if I dont Well its cheaper to keep her than it is to let her go I started thinking about it, adding it up We'll have things fixed soon.

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Cheaper to Keep Her Lyrics I asked her what she wanted this year for our anniversary She thought about it long and hard More on Genius. He was known around town as a big time gambler and loan shark. The forty-something year old sugar daddy was also known to spare no expense when he had the right woman in his company, which made him the man of her dreams.

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  • Is it cheaper to leave your heating on all the time or turn it on and off?!
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  • Over the course of a few months, Duke became infatuated with Lynise and asked her to quit her job and move into one of the condos he owed. The correct technical explanation is simple physics thermodynamics and that is that the heat lost is proportional to the temperature difference between the external and internal temperatures — the bigger the difference, the more heat is lost.

    A well insulated property will lose less heat than a poorly insulated one, so for any given internal and external temperatures, the energy consumed and therefore the costs will be lower. Good to see someone here actually understands the science of this, rather than passing off opinion as fact.

    3. Is It Cheaper To Keep Her - Your Car? Part 1:

    The issue is that if you live in an older property which lacks insulation then you will burn through fuel — so turning it on and off with a programmer is better. Conversely if you live in a really well insulated house, then leaving your heating on all the time but using the thermostat to manage the temperature is the best way to go.

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    That is nonsense James. You are clearly NOT a scientist nor an engineer. The energy used to re-heat the house is a red herring. We had a guy come fix our radiators because it took almost an hour to heat and he had to bleed it out because there was air in it.

    He suggested we leave our radiators on at a certain temperature and it will be cheaper so we did that of course. Its not cheap at all to leave it on at all times and we had it set to 62 degrees!!! Do not leave your radiators on!!! For me it was defintely cheaper to turn my heating on and off, basically because if the house is cold in the morning it forces me out of bed!

    It bugs the wife and kids, but it then means that our heating comes on at 4 pm, and it tends to warm up pretty quick and it goes off about 10pm. Hi Orto, it is normally only worth doing when the house is incredibly well insulated i. When you consider older properties, they get cold very quickly when the heating is switched off, so for these properties it is normally worth trying to minimise cold draughts entering the house by draught proofing but actually the heating should only come on as and when it is required to help lower energy usage.

    To be honest though, they normally have thermostats built in which ensures the heating is not left on all the time, this means you would actually use slightly less. The best thing to do to get an accurate measure of how much electricity that device uses is either use an energy monitor or wait until you have a smart meter installed on your property.

    Once you get this, you can then see the cost of keeping the unit on over that time. Depends on your heating and insulation. The one issue not dealt with by most of the posts in this thread is the efficiency of the heating means. This is why purpose built heat pump systems work at lower flow temperatures and use larger bore pipes and radiators and why hybrid systems can make sense when retrofitting to a previously installed set of pipes and radiators. Vilnis, what you say is untrue. We have a passivhaus and for us it is much cheaper to keep the boiler on but use the Heating controls to control it.

    Agreed Seb, the level of insulation and how good the heating controls both have a huge impact on whether it is cheaper just to leave your heating on all the time. Superb web site because it was simple to read and answered ALL the questions I had regarding radiators and heating the home.

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    • Thank you. You kindly recommended Mr Stephen Edwards to me for a boiler service. He is truly remarkable — while working he identified a fault with my three year old Worcester-Bosch Greenstar boiler. This was a potential safety concern; he gave me appropriate advice. He also provided a carbon monoxide alarm. Altogether, in every way, I was greatly impressed.

      He is a phenomenally hard worker, honest and presentable and works methodically and knowledgeably. He put up with difficult working conditions and parking restrictions without complaint. Finally, a heating engineer whom I feel able to trust. I beg to differ regarding keeping the heating on or switching it off. The sure way to reduce fuel consumption is to reduce the temperature indoors since heat loss is proportional to difference of temperature between indoors and outside.

      The easy way is to have the heating off at times when that has no effect on comfort e. When no one is at home or when everyone is tucked up under their duvets..

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      The classic question is: would you save by leaving the heating on if you were going away for a week or more? I agree completely with daveM. You save by switching off. Test question: do you think that if you were going away for a month you would save by keeping the heating running? Hi Carole, when you are on Economy 7, there are normally 2 immersion elements — one linked to the cheaper night time electricity and one linked to the day time more expensive electricity.

      Truly unbelievable greenage!

      Cheap credit, yield chase fuel buybacks, leave workers sidelined

      An outside pool is relatively poorly insulated, even with a cover on.. The level of insulation makes no difference to what is the cheapest method.. Think about it. Hi Physics Teacher, I am going to have to disagree. The level of insulation makes a huge difference, especially if the insulation is on the outside of the property external wall insulation since the bricks in the property warm up and act as a thermal store. It is clearly also true, if heat loss occurs at a lower rate through the properties envelope ie.

      Cheaper to Keep Her Part 1

      TLDR: If your insulation is good enough the difference in cost between continuous operation and on-demand operation should be negligible and may well be more convenient but can never be cheaper. It does not, however, change the fact that a building at a temperature above ambient will always be losing some energy to its surroundings and therefore some energy must be introduced to maintain that above ambient temperature. The more insulation a building has the less time the building spends with its internal temperature being the same as its external temperature.

      Therefore the difference in cost between running the heating system continuously or as needed decreases as insulation increases. Therefore the heating system will be no more or less efficient if it is set to be on continuously or only as needed because the building never cools to ambient and so it always has some energy to lose every hour.

      It would not be possible for continuous operation to become cheaper than only heating when required because that would imply that you are actually creating energy, and as we know it is not possible to create energy. Assumptions: 1. The exterior temperature is 10C degrees centigrade 2. A comfortable interior temperature is 15C — 20C 3. The thermostat turns on the heating system when the temperature falls below 15C and turns it off when the temperature reaches 20C 4.

      Numbers may be somewhat unrealistic in order to make the mathematics easier. The temperature drop energy loss is linear over time. The heating system increases the temperature by 1C for each kWh used. The occupants get up at 7 am and leave the building at 8 am. The occupants return to the building at 6 pm and go to bed at 10 pm.

      The occupants only require the building to be at a comfortable temperature when they are awake and in the building. Energy kWh can come from multiple sources e. If the system put on a time clock to be active only during hours of occupancy in a poorly insulated building:. At 6 PM the temperature of the building is 10C and the system uses 10kWh to bring the temperature to 20C At 7 PM the temperature has dropped to 15C and the system uses 5kWh to bring the temperature back to 20C At 8 PM the temperature has dropped to 15C and the system uses 5kWh to bring the temperature back to 20C At 9 PM the temperature has dropped to 15C and the system uses 5kWh to bring the temperature back to 20C At 10 PM the building has dropped to 15C and the system is turned off At 11 PM the building has dropped back to 10C.

      If the system put on a time clock to be active only during hours of occupancy in a medium insulated building:. If the system put on a time clock to be active only during hours of occupancy in a well-insulated building:. At 7 AM the temperature of the building is At 6 PM the temperature of the building is At the beginning of each hour, the system will use 5kWh to bring the temperature from 15C to 20C and over the course of the hour, the building will drop back to 15C.

      On average each hour the system will use 5kWh to maintain a comfortable temperature.